The 4 Cars That Make the Veyron Look Cheap

  • By Andrew Hoehn

The 4 Cars That Make the Veyron Look Cheap

Remember when the Bugatti Veyron first came out in 2005? The motoring world collectively gasped at a car that would sell for over (Austin Powers voice) “One Million Dollars!!!!!”

How quaint.

We’ve gone through a global recession and have come out on the other side. The rich are no doubt getting richer, and it’s about time they had some hypercars worth spending their hard-earned dollars (or pounds or riyals) on.

Let’s take a look at four hypercars that make us long for the days of the affordable Veyron.

#4 The LaFerrari FXX K

$2.7 Million

LaFerrari FXX K

Say what you will about the Veyron, but you could technically drive it to a Starbucks and then drive home with something approximating a latte in your hand.

Not so with the LaFerrari FXX K. Because the LaFerrari FXX K can’t be driven off the track. 

For $2.7 million, you’ll get a track-only monster that combines 848 naturally aspirated horsepower from a V12 with another 187 horsepower from an electric KERS system, which is code for “Prius technology we put in a Ferrari.”

That’s right, for $2.7 million you get, basically, a very fast Prius that can’t even make it to the grocery store.

Somewhere, just now, while reading that last sentence, a Ferrari aficionado’s head exploded.

#3 The Lamborghini Veneno

$4.5 Million

The Lamborghini Veneno

If you were to look into the imagination of a seven-year-old boy and pull out the perfect supercar, it would be the Lamborghini Veneno.

Instead of asking its engineers to pay attention to silly things like aerodynamics and wind-tunnel efficiency, for the Veneno, Lamborghini just told its designers, “Make something that will look awesome on a poster.”

Those designers responded magnificently. Then Lamborghini went down to marketing, and said, “What’s the awesomest name we could possibly give this thing?” And those brilliant marketers said, “Veneno,” and then assumedly went to chuckle over their brilliance in a sunny Italian square at an Italian cafe drinking tiny Italian cups of espresso.

Veneno is, as you might have imagined, an Italian word. It means poison.

Lamborghini only made four of these. One went to the Lamborghini museum. The other three were priced at $4.5 million. They sold immediately.

#2 The Pagani Huayra BC

$2.5 Million

 Pagani Huayra BC

What’s that you say? Another Italian manufacturer offering a ludicrously priced insane hypercar? Yes. Car manufacturers in the boot-shaped land seem to have gotten the hang of getting the very wealthy to separate themselves from their overly stuffed pocketbooks.

When Pagani’s unpronounceable Huayra was introduced in 2012, it was insane. Fast forward a few years, and the Huayra BC is extra insane.

So insane that Pagani hasn’t even bothered to release official performance numbers.

When Top Gear tested one in February, they claimed 789 bph and 811 torques.

Whatever the numbers, all 20 Huayra BCs were sold before they were released. So, tough luck for those of us hoping to snag one on year-end clearance.


#1 The Koenigsegg One:1

$2 Million

Let me be clear, there are many more expensive cars than the One:1. The W Motors Lykan HyperSport (remember, the car that crashed through three skyscrapers in Furious 7) comes in at $3.4 million (but only because it has freaking diamonds embedded in the headlights). The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita comes in at $4.8 million, but there you’re paying for a car that’s literally coated in diamond paint.

With those cars, you’re buying jewelry. With the One:1, you’re buying a Swedish miracle.

That miracle is this: the Koenigsegg’s One:1 name refers to its power to weight ratio—1,340 horsepower pushing 1,340 lbs. Which led it to set the world record for a production supercar going from 0–300 kph in 17.95 seconds.

If I check behind the couch cushions tonight and find an extra few million, this is the car I’d buy. The other cars on this list are amazing. Only the One:1 is miraculous.

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