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TriLenium®7 Polarized

Back when NASA was still trying to win the space race, the boffins at JPL invented a technology that blocks 99.9% of the light rays that would attack astronauts’ retinas while they were working in space.

It turns out that we get those same light rays here on earth. So, we nabbed that NASA technology and put it on our sunglasses.

The result is TriLenium®7, an exclusive technology that blocks out 99.9% harmful UVA and UVB radiation and scattered blue light, while letting in the light rays that help you see the road and track, better than ever.


2x Scratch Guard

In an ideal world, your Top Gear sunglasses would be stored in a humidity-and temperature-controlled safe, padded with a liner derived from the pelts of particularly soft voles. But last time we checked, that wasn’t a standard feature in many cars.

So, we’ve designed Top Gear sunglasses to survive in the real world. That’s why every pair comes with 2x Scratch Guard coating, which works to protect your sunglasses from scratches on both the inner and outer lens.


Hydroleophobic™ Coatings

We get it. You’re a motoring enthusiast, not a walking dictionary. So let us help you out with this one. “Oleophobic” is the ability of a surface to repel oil, like the smudges that come off your fingertips. “Hydrophobic” is the ability of a surface to repel water, like the stuff that sometimes comes out of the sky here on our glorious British Isles.

Together, they make our exclusive “Hydroleophobic” coating, which works to keep your Top Gear sunglasses cleaner and drier no matter what the conditions.